Monday, July 6, 2009

SOME Filipinos are Racists and Haters!!!

I know for a FACT that NOT ALL Filipinos are like this. It's just that there are Filipinos out there who makes my life unhappy. I try to figure out what I've been doing wrong to offend them just to find out that the fault is in their mentality.

I am a FILIPINO, that's a FACT! I just recently moved here to Canada with my parents and brother as Permanent Residents and these are the things that I have experienced here.

I was NEVER looked down upon by other nationalities but I was DEGRADED as a Human being by FELLOW FILIPINOS.

I do not want to be a person that judge people and hate other people because I know that hate only begets hate. But there are just times when my patience run short. I am a Filipino and the only time I felt awkward or threatened while I've stayed here in Canada is when I see other Filipinos, especially the Filipinos with work permits.

I used to be so proud of being a Filipino but now I am having second thoughts. Every time I'm on a bus or any public place or even when I'm at work I try my best not to come close, make eye-contact, or even speak to Filipinos.

Filipinos are the most racist people I know. They think that they are superior than any other race and they only see themselves as the best at everything, something that I totally disagree with because NO RACE is SUPERIOR than OTHERS. They think that the whites are lazy bums and that Filipinos are the only hard working race in the world. The list goes on but with just one similar thought, Filipinos are all this and all that.

But as I said, the bad attitude that some Filipinos have just annoys me and makes me ashamed of being a Filipino because in turn other people think that I am like other uncivilized Filipinos because I am a Filipino. These are the list of things I hate about Filipinos here in Canada:

1. Filipinos have Crab Mentality: Just like crabs in a pot, Filipinos will pull down other Filipinos who have a great chance for success. They believe that if they can't have it other Filipinos shouldn't too.

Filipinos are just like this! Especially those Filipino contract workers! They can't stand seeing Filipino immigrants/permanent residents and especially Filipino-Canadians who are happy and successful.

It's just like when we stepped out of our car, then we entered this restaurant. We then heard these group of contract workers smirking saying that if we really were rich we should have gotten a BMW. Like what the fuck? There's no contest! We didn't come here to Canada to play who has the most expensive car or who is the most rich Filipino here.

And when I answered my iPhone because I had a call, they then said that I may have an iPhone but I must be working hard at some place to pay for it. Like what the hell!!! Are these people for real? Do they ever make these comments to white people? No! They only make these comments to other Filipinos who they can't stand because we are doing better than them.

This doesn't ONLY apply to Filipino contract workers. This also applies to Filipino-Canadians who can't take the fact that we got ourselves our own house and car in our one year of stay here in Canada. They can't accept the fact that my parents didn't have to work at Wal Mart or something and they are already working in their own fields, my mom as an accountant and my dad as a mechanical engineer. They can't stand the fact that we didn't go through all the hardships they had to go through to have whatever possessions and lifestyle that we have now.

They also can't stand the fact that I'm actually going to have a good future because I'm going to study and work here and that I actually have parents who still supports me.

But the greatest example of crab mentality is when someone (a Filipino) at my work tried to destroy another fellow Filipino's reputation just to gain recognition and be promoted. You don't have to step on other people just to succeed. Succeed with your own skills and knowledge.

2. Filipinos think that other Filipinos who works at fast food chains or whatever think that they are just contract workers. Filipinos are the only ones who belittles and look down at other Filipinos. Here in Canada everyone is considered equal! Everyone has an equal access to jobs, health care, and products. Everyone can afford to buy stuff at designer boutiques unlike in the Philippines.

I just hate it when other Filipinos call me just a contract worker and I'm not allowed to have expensive stuff. They expect me to be miserable and call them "Sir or Maam" like other blue-collared workers in the Philippines.

Even if I was a contract worker, that doesn't mean that I am lower than permanent residents or citizens here in Canada. I am still a human being worthy of respect. So don't look down at me and just call me a contract worker who can't afford to have a good lifestyle.

3. Filipinos are RUDE!!! I absolutely hate it when Filipinos are so loud on the bus or in restaurants. I don't know why they have to be so damn noisy. It's okay to be merry and happy and stuff but do you really have to be so darn annoying?! They talk on and on and other people just get annoyed because first they talk so loud and they don't speak English so naturally other people who don't speak Tagalog will only hear unintelligible babble. It's like hearing some crazy person talk nonsense.

Also, Filipinos NEVER say PLEASE or THANK YOU. I hate it when I see Filipinos order or talk to other nationalities like they're some big-shot tycoon or something. No greeting or anything, they just approach you and say what they want. I want this, I want that! Or worst just place the item on the counter and just hand out money like the cashier was invisible or something. I really feel bad when the person taking their order has a negative change of expression. This is why I don't ever wonder why people feel uncomfortable when they are helping me, a Filipino, because they tend to generalize that all Filipinos are rude and don't have manners.

Filipinos NEVER hold the door open for other people. They just SLAM the door even when there is someone behind. I know this because first I see Filipinos doing this and when I actually held the door open for someone as a sign of courtesy, he actually said that he's glad that not all Filipinos are bad.

4. To Filipinos EVERYTHING is a CONTEST!!! As I said in my first reason, I hate it when Filipinos have this sort of contest going on with their stupid minds. Can't I just live my own life with out anyone staring at me and trying to figure out who I am in the basic Filipino society spectrum of Extremely Poor, Poor, Middle Class, Rich, and Extremely Rich? Am I a contract worker or am I a permanent resident? Am I better at them in their own personal rating system?

I absolutely HATE it when other Filipinos stare at you because you are Filipino and then they start figuring you out. And they then spout out comments to degrade you or to level the playing field. And when they are beaten in their own contest with their own set of rules they start saying that I'm cocky or I only think I'm all that because I lived here and have stayed here in Canada longer to have everything I have.

5. If you're Filipino and you speak English fluently, then you are an unpatriotic cocky bastard! They absolutely hate other Filipinos who speak English well. They think that you're either trying too hard or that you are again being arrogant!

Even if I'm not talking to them and I'm talking to a native English-speaker, they will think that I'm being conceited because I'm just a contract worker and I'm not allowed to pronounce words well or speak with actual straight sentences.

There are also times when they speak to me in English and I talk back in English, they still would call me an arrogant prick!

In short, they want me to speak Tagalog to everyone even to the native English-speakers. Or if ever I speak English, I should speak it in an awkward way with grammatical errors and wrong pronunciations.

There are so many things that I can be proud of and be happy of. I can prove them wrong one by one but as long as Filipino's mentality are like this I can say whatever I want to say but they would never listen and they would only believe that they are the right ones.

But as my mom said, pity your haters and don't let them get to you. Unhappy and unsuccessful people will always feel hate, dissatisfaction, and envy at everyone who lives and will live an accomplished and happy life.

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