Monday, July 13, 2009

Watching the Beautiful Hummingbirds

I really like watching animals go on with their daily lives on Discovery Channel. I find animals very fascinating and somehow just watching them makes me forget all my worries. I especially love watching the squirrels, rabbits, and especially the hummingbirds that come visit the garden of my grandma.

My grandma takes pride in her garden and her frequent visitors: the hummingbirds. She would always enjoy placing nectar in her bird feeder so that more hummingbirds will visit her garden. This coming August 2 will be her birthday and I know exactly what to give her! The best hummingbird feeder! I just know that my grandma will love her set of feeders!

It's really amazing how hummingbirds can flap their wings so many times in one minute. I've heard that an average hummingbird can flap their wings 50 times in 1 minute. Some hummingbirds can even flap their wings for 80 times in one minute. With all that flapping I'm glad that we can help them energize by providing them with their needed nutrition.

It really is great to have hummingbirds visit your backyard. Having them around makes the garden even more tranquil and peaceful.

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