Monday, July 13, 2009

The Nursing Life: Reminiscing Once Again

It has been several months now since I've written any blog post related to my life as a student nurse. But even if all I've been writing about is my break away from the "nursing world" I still remember and would never ever forget all the emotions, experience, and people I've encountered as a student nurse. I don't know about the knowledge part though because I feel like I've suffered the rare case of "selective amnesia".

A co-worker of mine asked me why I want to still pursue my nursing career when there are other jobs that offers higher compensation and are in high demand. Well let's just say that I want to enjoy my job and nursing is quite enjoyable: if your patient and other nurses aren't a pain that is.

Sure there are so many reasons I can name why I don't and shouldn't be a nurse but there is only one reason that I need to pursue my studies in nursing: I can never imagine myself in the future as anything else but as a nurse.

Well I have to get admitted to a nursing program first to be able to fulfill my dreams and goals so to the Grant MacEwan Admission Team, if you're reading this, please and I mean PLEASE accept me for this Fall term.

I also would like to give props and kudos to for recognizing my beloved personal slash nursing blog and placing it in their Top 50 Happy Nursing Blogs List!

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