Friday, July 17, 2009

The Proposal

We were watching TV when my mom suddenly said that it's too bad that we didn't get to watch The Proposal at the theatres. I then told her that it's still showing at Cineplex Odeon at Edmonton South Common. And guess what happened next? It was already 9 PM and my mom said that we should go and watch it - which we did.

Was the movie worth it? It sure was! I never knew that I had an extreme liking to romantic comedies. The movie was funny and witty. Although this would never ever happen in real life, heck! At least I enjoyed watching a complete fictitious movie.

Although I was a bit offended to what Margarette Tate (played by Sandra Bullock) said, that immigrants are only paperboys and gardeners. I just let it go because there is a bit of truth with this especially in the US.

I really love how Ryan Reynolds portray his characters as funny, smart, and witty.

Here's a clip that I found on the internet. I wonder if this clip was a genuine fight between Ryan Reynolds, Sandra Bullock, and Betty White. But I bet that this is only some sort of gimmick to get people to watch the movie which I think is unnecessary because the movie is truly wonderful!

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