Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Disappointed and Defeated

I hate myself... my mom told me not to stoop to their level but I just can't help myself be infuriated by the mere sight of them. Those old disgusting Filipinos who have nothing better to do than just stick their nose into my life.


But I hate myself more for letting their taunts affect the entire fibre of my being. Even my friends and co-workers are telling me that my personality is changing and I'm starting to hate Filipinos because when I see one, I think of them.

"Oh suck it up buttercup!", this is what I want to tell myself. Seriously, if I let them affect me this way I will end up as the miserable loser.

But I'll make a deal with myself. I won't react to whatever they say and I will let them be. But once I get accepted to school and I quit this fucking job then I will curse them with all that I've got!

To hell with them!

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