Friday, July 17, 2009

For the Love of Wine

I don't drink beer or any kind of alcoholic drinks but lately I have acquired the liking to red wine. After dinner, especially when we eat red meat, it has already become customary for me and my parents to drink red wine. I don't drink a lot though but having half a glass already satisfies me.

That's why we wanted to have a wine glass rack to be built in our kitchen of our soon to be constructed house. We wanted to have our wine glasses and of course our wine to be displayed because first of all it looks so classy and it's only convenient to have everything placed right there after dinner. It's just unfortunate that having one built by our house builder would cause a lot of money more.

But never the less we decided that we could just buy a hanging glass rack and install it ourselves. It saves us more money and we get to decide from a wide variety of shapes and styles of glass racks so it's all good.

The things we do for good health. Yes a glass of red wine a day is definitely good for the heart and may even boost the life expectancy to 5 years as a new research proposed!

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