Friday, July 10, 2009

Tired But Alive

Gosh I'm so tired today. It's great and all that I get to be in-charge (IC) and earn extra money at work but it's just too tiring. I feel that I'm such a bad IC because I haven't performed everything on my duty list, well my manager did tell me I can do it if I have time, which I didn't, so it's all cool.

My brother is being a pain once again. Just the other night he brought another friend home this time from Calgary. What dies he and his friend think our house is? A bed and breakfast which is open to the public 24 hours, 7 days a week?! Grr! My brother is an example of someone who can't live with his stupid useless friends who only ruins his life and our lives as well.

But enough about the negative! I'm just glad that things are going along great with my life. Although I didn't hear anything from MacEwan yet, I really feel that this time I'm going to be accepted into their nursing program (fingers crossed!).

I have a "To Do" list set-up. This Monday, I'm going to submit my Police Record Check and this Wednesday, I'm going to take my Basic Life Support and Cardio-Pulmonary Resucitation Course. I'm doing these pre-requisites ahead of time because they are need a lot of time to process and I want to have these ready so when MacEwan finally asks for them I can just give it to them and bang! All done! I just have to cash in my student loan then get ready for school.

I will not take NO for an answer this time. If ever they decline my application again I'm still going to try going into MacEwan even if I just take the Preparations for College and University Course.

Good luck to me!

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