Monday, July 20, 2009


Gosh! This guy reminds me of myself. This is how I am in the morning. I have to have to set the alarm on my iPhone and on my telephone set. I then have a 5 minute delay between the alarms so that I can "snooze" a bit more. Sometimes this tactic is very deadly because there are times when I over sleep and I end up being late.

Speaking of procrastination, I haven't folded up my laundry... I'm so lazy.

Anyway I checked out my admission status and guess what I saw? I was "Admissible". I was happy and disappointed at the same time just like when I heard that MacEwan lost some of my documents.

I was glad that there was progress in my application and I am eligible for admission but the disappointment part was when I still have to wait because I was placed on a "special wait list" because as they said there wasn't any space in the program yet.

I just hope that I get in this September! I pray, I wish, and I beg with my life.

I'm calling MacEwan tomorrow to ask if I could apply to their University and College Preparation Course in case I don't get accepted so I can study and get the chance to enter either University of Alberta or MacEwan's Nursing Program with ease because I now have Canadian education and higher grades as compared to my uncompetitive Philippine education (as so they think).

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