Thursday, August 14, 2008

Get A Job You BUM!

Just this afternoon, several of our customers called our attention and asked us to shoo away a woman outside our store who was asking every one who comes in (or out) the store door for money. Many of the customers unanimously agreed that people like her should just take a hike and get lost.

I honestly have to agree with them because I too have been asked once or twice by these able bodied people for money. And like any people here in Canada would do, I would refuse to give them money. I don't want to give them money because I'm working hard for my money and they just ask for it and wait for the government to give them money?! Yes the government gives them compensation and living expenses because they are unemployed. But the thing is Alberta has so many job openings so it's impossible for them not to get a job.

Heck even my 16 year old brother has a job and is earning his own money so how could they not be able to find a job and just rely on other people's hard earned money to survive?

These people, ladies and gentlemen, are the scum of society. I know it's too harsh of a word but it's the only word that gives justice to them. You see there are more people that deserves funding from the government. Who are these deserving people? Well the people who are unable to work because they are disabled and or maybe just because they are dead. If they are dead then who will support their family right?

Since many are claiming that they need welfare, less is being given to those who truly need it. So I highly recommend people to refrain from giving your money to these beggars who might be using these money for drugs or some illegal activities. If you really want to help the needy, you're better off donating your money to charity organizations or for good causes like funds for cure of HIV or something like that.

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