Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Homework: Learn How to Drive

I've been dying to learn to drive for years. I was going to learn driving with a friend at a driving school but my mom said that it would be best to learn how to drive here because the rules and traffic signs were completely different. But guess what? Wrong assumption.

Sure rules and some signs are different but driving like learning when to shift gears and stuff and how to make a car move can be learned with out those fancy traffic rules and laws. Sure I could learn how to drive here but we don't have a car yet and enrolling in a driving school is pretty damn expensive. I should have learned how to drive back in the Philippines.

But anyway let's just take it slow. Since I know that my dad will never get his permit because he doesn't seem to care and relies that my mom will do everything for him, I will have to take things into my own hands.

I will study the Alberta Basic License Driver's Handbook, take the test, get a learners license, then in one year I could drive a car on my own... that is if we have a car by that time.

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