Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Attack of the Talk-a-ter!

I have shared an incident HERE about a customer who was always yapping on and on with his life and work. Guess what? He attacked me again with his very long autobiography of his life and work. I was shocked when I saw him at the counter because I thought that he would start again with his Talk-a-thon (my new word for talking marathon) but he didn't. I was already excited to go home from a day of hard work when all of the sudden someone approached me when I was about to ride my bike. I turned around and it was HIM!

Oh my God, I cursed so much in my head but I still was courteous and flashed a little fake smile (evil little me). This time he showed me his certificates and cards of all the construction courses he took and he once again repeated everything he talked about the other night and I was like "Hehehe... wow... that's nice..."

Aah! I swear! If I see him again tonight I'm going to sneak out the back door so that I won't have to stay out late out there in the cold listening to him yap and yap. Oh my... my dilemma. Guess I can categorize this person to the irritating customers list.

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