Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Soda Machine

My mom, brother, and me went to IKEA, a local furniture and home furnishing store, at Edmonton South Common. We were bringing the items we bought to the home delivery counter when my brother and I spotted this neat looking vending machine. Well because there aren't any sophisticated vending machines like this ones in the Philippines we were definitely curious and ignorant too hehehe.
So like any curious people we wanted to try using it and guess what? We were successful and got our selves some iced tea. And here we are looking happy and content because instead of getting one iced tea we got two for the price of one.

I guess that there is something wrong with the machine because the note in front of it warns that the machine sometimes eats money and doesn't drop any drink. Guess we were lucky today.

Anyway while I'm already posting pictures I just want to share this picture of my henna tattoo that my co-worker made for me. Isn't it cool?

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