Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Dustbuster!

Guess what the very first item I've bought when I received my credit card? A vacuum cleaner! Yup call me a clean freak but I loved this vacuum cleaner that I've bought. This was not any other vacuum cleaner people, it was a Black & Decker dustbuster!

I've seen this baby at the hardware store near us and I've been wanting to buy it ever since. What I liked about it is it's very compact design. Unlike any other bulky and heavy vacuum cleaner the dustbuster is small and lightweight. And when I used it I was totally blown away, how could a tiny little thing have so much suction power? Technology is truly amazing.

I used to hate vacuuming but with the dustbuster cleaning has never been easier. I vacuum almost everyday so our house has never been cleaner.

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