Friday, August 1, 2008

Ah... Ok... Yah That's Good

That was all I could say to this customer last night when he kept talking and talking on and on about his life. It's not that I don't want to listen but I didn't want to listen for 30 minutes! Like I have work to do. I wished I had never said "How are you today?" to him because he wouldn't have started talking.

I had a hard time saying no to him and that I didn't want to listen because I wasn't really interested in his life autobiography but I didn't want to be rude. And he didn't give me a chance to say "Sorry, I need to go" because he kept on talking on and on without any pauses.

My co-workers said they pitied me for being in that situation and my other co-worker was sly enough to leave my side when the customer started talking about construction work and stuff so she wasn't stuck to listen.

And you think that my predicament couldn't get any worst well it did. Because the customer actually waited outside for me and he continued yapping about his life once again and he made me listen to his voicemail which said that his construction worker union was once again needing people. He was going to show me his construction tools and stuff but when he turned around to walk to his car I got on my bike and said that I had to go already so I was home free. I arrived home at 12:30 am because of him and to think that I went out of the store at 11 am.

The next time I see that customer I'm going to play hide and seek... I won't let him find me at all cost...

I know that we should lend an ear to people who have no one else to talk to so that they could express anything that they are keeping inside but that was just ridiculous. Well maybe next time I'll set up an office and people could talk to me on and on about their life and I'll charge by the hour. I'll just pretend to listen but I'll still earn. But that would be mean right? Well i guess so.

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