Monday, August 11, 2008

RESPECT: A Two Way Process

I really don't appreciate it when customers raise their voice or try to belittle me thinking that I'm inferior to them because they are the customer and I am the lowly servant. Well they should think again. I don't anymore bother calling them "ma'am or sir" because here in Canada only a few does. Why? Because every one here are equal. No one is above the other.

People like me who work in the customer service department are here to help them and we are not here to be trash talked to or abused. So if they want respect from me then they should give it too.

But the kind of customers that really bug me are the Indians. They don't speak clearly and they get mad when you ask them to repeat what they said because their English is not only bad but their pronunciation of the words are all wrong. But I don't say that all Indians are arrogant and self-absorbed. It's just that there are these people who think that Filipinos are inferior to them and that we are only here in Canada as contract workers. Excuse me but I happen to be a permanent resident here in Canada and in 3 to 5 years time a CITIZEN of CANADA. Besides, even if I was a contract worker, I still deserve respect.

There are some rude and nasty customers who come into our store each day but I don't let them get their way because I always show them that I am not the person they should mess with. But there are also times that I'm tired and I just don't care anymore. But when I am in the heat of the moment and ready to fight back, well... they should watch themselves.

Oh well. We can't really say that the world is a perfect place. But we should also remember not all other people are as rotten as some people out there. The point is even if a nasty customers try to ruin my day, I still smile and treat the next customer with respect. But if that customer is like the previous nasty one then I switch the way I relate to them appropriately too.

Oh my... why am I ranting again? Sorry about that guys, just releasing some steam.

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