Thursday, August 14, 2008

Last August 12

Last August 12 was actually my birthday... but due to my very busy and tight schedule of my career in the food industry (char!), I wasn't able to blog about it that much. Well my birthday was plain and simple. Just spent my whole morning alone in the house and waited to be picked up later in the afternoon by a family friend so that I could set-up their wireless internet connection in their brand new gorgeous mansion. The word house doesn't give justice to their extravagant home.

Anyway, I was still touched by the actions of my mom when I arrived home. Even if she didn't know how to cook and she didn't have much time on her hands she was still able to prepare a feast for me. We had a wonderful chocolate-strawberry cake, freshly-delivered pizza (yup all we do is take-out since we don't have time to cook), chicken, and ice-cream.

I didn't have a party or a huge gathering but being at home with my family was enough for me to be happy.

I also gave myself a gift. An HP m9350f desktop computer with an AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core Processor (2.50 GHz), 6 GB RAM, 750 GB Hard Disk, and it comes with a 24 inch LCD screen for only $1900. This is the computer of my dreams. What i like about this baby is not only is it good for extreme gaming, it comes with a remote control so that I can watch TV on it and listen to the radio. Heck I even use this baby to play with my PlayStation 3. I'm happy that my hard work as a lowly donut shop employee who cleans the bathroom and serve customers and all of that is able to afford a desktop like this. If I worked in the Philippines, I would never afford this.
The bottom line is. We may be living a simple life here in Canada but we are still lucky because many of our relatives and friends back in the Philippines are really working so hard just to get by. I just wished that we didn't have to leave our home in the Philippines just to get a better life and a better future.

Anyway... damn it I'm old! I can'tr believe that I'm already 20 years old. I'm still edgy about my future because until now MacEwan hasn't finished evaluating my transcripts and I've checked my application status and it still shows there "Acknowledged". I wish they'd change it to "Documents Lacking" or something so that I can do something about the things I lack.

Anyway, on with my life.

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