Wednesday, August 20, 2008


If you haven't guessed what I will be writing about then you may have missed a lot from your childhood. I'm going to be writing about clocks, but not just about any ordinary old boring clocks, I'm going to write about grandfather clocks.

You see I've been over to a friend's house and I couldn't help but notice their grandfather clock. I was sitting alone in their living room (I forgot why I was waiting in the first place) and I couldn't help but notice their Howard Miller grandfather clock. Yup I asked where they bought their clock and I was amazed to find out that their clock was actually brand new. But I didn't notice this immediately because I couldn't help myself but appreciate the beautiful design and what I loved most about it is it's tick-tock sound and the sound it makes every hour.

I couldn't help myself but imagine the many stories and fairy tales that includes a grandfather clock. Who would have guessed that a grandfather clock could evoke so many memories of stories of fantasy. But I guess that grandfather clocks are not only merely for bringing up memories huh? Because a grandfather clock could be a great decorative item in my home that's for sure! I'm sure that our visitors would always notice the grandfather clock and this could be a great ice breaker and conversation starter.

I've never realized that I really like clocks this much. I just noticed that I'm a clock lover because I was the one who insisted of having clocks in every room of our house. Oh well, I might as well start collecting clocks starting with buying my very own grandfather clock!

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