Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Puzzle Ring

I just love my ring that my mom got me. It's from Unisilver (yup it was bought from the Philippines) and it's literally a head turner with people asking me the question, "Are you married young man?"

Well aside from looking good and looking expensive (it's just Php 600 really, don't tell anyone hehehe) it totally fits my personality. Why? Well because it's complicated. Why again? Well take a look at my ring now:

Yup it doesn't look like my ring right? But it actually is the exact same ring I wore on my finger. Take a look at my ring here:

Yup it's a ring made of 6 circular loops and I tell you, it sure is hard to get it back together so I really hate it when people touch it and end up breaking it apart and they absolutely have no idea how to place it back together.

So why is the ring like me? Well aside from being complex and difficult to understand, I am easy to break and people have no idea on how to put me back together emotionally. But even how many times people try to ruin me, I am still able to place myself back together even if some of me are bent up.

Moral of the Story: It's so easy to break and hurt other people but they don't even give any effort to fix what they have broke. They don't apologize and they don't care that they have hurt others...

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  1. hehehehe. i think i had seen that ring in Davao as well. but i found it complicated really. yes, i believe it does fit you. i always go for more girlish styles!hehehehe!(although i love variations!).