Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Unstable Future

My gosh! I am really in a fix this time! My future is at risk here people so I'm really anxious right now.

This afternoon we're going to the University of Alberta to have an assessment as to where I stand as a student nurse. I really want to study nursing in Canada so I was willing to go back to first year college and I'm supposed to be a 4th year student back in the Philippines.

I was told by my mom's friend that University requirements are strict here in Canada unlike in the Philippines were education is mainly about business. She told me that I had to have at least three units of English here in Canada or something. So does that mean I have to go back to high school? Maybe in grade 8 (equivalent to 4th year high school in the Philippines)?

Or I was given another option.... which I don't want to take... GO BACK TO THE PHILIPPINES!!! It's not that I don't want to go back but it's because I feel ashamed if I go back because people expect me to be a here in Canada and all of the sudden *poof* I'm right back here. And my batch mates would already be ahead of me and I have to go back where I dropped off, third year nursing during summer.

I should have just stayed here in the Philippines if that's the case. I wanted to stay and finish in the Philippines but my mom didn't allow me because she doesn't want to worry about me. I know that it's sweet and all but it's my future that's in stake here. I had never took my education for granted (well in some occasions I had) and it pains me that I am getting behind in everything.

I hope that we could beat the system! I could just study as a Licensed Practical Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse then go to University of Alberta to take Bachelor of Science in Nursing so that I could be an RN already. Ayayayayay! This is just some of the stress of moving... hope that we could all cope up with this.

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