Saturday, June 14, 2008

Got a JOB!

Yup! I am so happy that I was able to get myself a job. I only applied yesterday and then today my brother and I got a call from Cathy, Tim Hortons’ Day Manager, and we signed a contract and we’re ready to work and train tomorrow. I work at 3 pm to 11 pm but it’s really no problem because the last bus is at 12 am. But if I do miss my bus walking is no problem because it’s really near where I live and that the sun would still be up.

My pay is at $9.50 per hour and it will increase if we stay at Tim Hortons longer. My brother’s pay is at $9/hour since he’s only a part timer and that his school starts this September. My school starts next year (hopefully) so working would sound good.

I haven’t got my work schedule yet because I haven’t seen my manager since I work at a different store but my brother works 4 days. And if he works a full month he’ll be earning Php 48,384! He’s earning more than most professionals in the Philippines and he’s just a part time worker! And if I begin working then I’m sure I’ll earn even more.

I’ve actually applied to other stores to like McDonalds, Safeway, Tokyo Express (which I won’t be accepted since most employees are Japanese hehehe, you know that means something). And if ever I’ll see a “we’re hiring” sign near my neighborhood then I’ll probably apply there too hehehe. My Tito had given me an advice that I should remember that I will still have to go to school because working and earning already is addicting and I may want to keep on working.

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