Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My New Neighborhood

Welcome to Mill Woods, Edmonton, Alberta! This is our new home and we're already making our selves familiar with the place. Just don't ask me how to get to downtown because I only know how to get to the University of Alberta, other than that I really have no idea at all.

So thanks to Google Maps, our lives are made easier since we could easily find directions to the destinations that we want to go to. It really is so convenient. Anyway there's a map of the location near our going-to-be apartment. So the red x mark is The Madison that's where we're going to live hopefully. Our apartment is really nice but we're not going to move in until July 1. Our apartment is a two bedroom apartment with two bathrooms. It has a balcony, a laundry "room", and an underground parking so we don't have to worry about the car not starting up during winter.

Here's a picture that we took of the building:
Here's the picture of the transit center (it's the yellow cross onthe map) and a picture of the inside of the bus:
We're quite lucky to live near a transit center because from here we could go to everywhere in Edmonton that we would want to go to and the ticket is only for $2.10 and you get a transfer pass (which expires 1 and a half hour after you got on the bus) if you want to go back.

Plus life is so convenient because the Mill Woods Town Center (which you can't miss on the map) is there:
The shopping center is the largest one near our area and don't be mislead by it's country charm because this mall is very cool even for a one-level mall. Check out this touch screen interactive mall directory:
With mall directories like these you would never get lost. You can just browse through the stores or enter the store your looking for and the directory tells you where you are and directs you with walking feet display from where you are to the store you want to go to.

But most important of all is that the Tim Hortons where I work in, which is shown in the green line, so I don't have to worry about missing the bus or anything and it's also safer because I live so close and my shift is 3-11 pm.

I think I'm going to adjust here... hopefully.

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