Sunday, June 29, 2008

Working: The Graveyard Shift

Today I worked at Tim Hortons at 11 pm to 7 am. I have to say that this shift is more stressful even if there are less people. Why? Well this may be because of the following reasons:

> I'm the only one at the Till (Cashier). Meaning there is more room for error since I'm all alone and I can't ask anyone for my help.

> It's So BORING! Yup, time passes so slow when you are bored and doing nothing too. There are no people so I have nothing to do for 80% of the time during my shift. I had to look for something to do like sweep the floors to preserve my sanity.

> If there are people... then it's busy! On the contrary of doing absolutely nothing when no customers are around. If there are customers well your life could be a living hell. I don't know why but customers come at groups. And I have to do everything from making the coffee and the sandwiches (I hate making sandwiches).

But working at night is ok. But I don't want to work at night for a whole week or I'll go insane. Anyway, I was really shocked when the baker told me to throw away all the donuts and baked goods because she said they weren't fresh anymore. I have to say that I may have the Filipino mentality in me where I don't want to waste anything especially food. I was really reluctant to throw away the donuts because if I was back in the Philippines, these donuts could feed hungry children and to think that the donuts were still edible.

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