Monday, June 16, 2008

No Rice

Nope there's no rice shortage here in Canada if you're asking. And if ever there is people here won't really care hehehe. Woah I think I’m moving on with my diet well. I’m eating no rice and all I’m eating are veggies and some meat (the one’s with less fat like chicken). There’s actually lot of food choices over here for a lesser price too (because everything is bought by large quantities and containers and competition means lowering the prices).

I’m also working now and plan to walk to work so I think I’m getting there (hopefully) but if I won’t then it’s fine. The people here don’t care how I look anyway so no problem at all. And did I mention that the people here are nice? Yeah maybe too many times hehehe. I just have to remember to be nice and smile too. I don’t want to give Canadians the idea that Filipinos are unfriendly hehehe. But I’m still uneasy looking at people and smiling… it’s so not me hehehe. But if it gives people the cold shoulder so I’ll defreeze for a while. I won’t lose anything if people don’t smile back.

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