Sunday, April 20, 2008

Choose Your Friends Carefully

I don't know what some Filipino teenagers are thinking right now and they choose to take a path to self-destruction?! A good example? My stupid brother! He was already almost expelled for illegal possession of Marijuana and now he has entered himself into another mess and I am really frustrated about it. He has joined a "Filipino Gang" called the Bloods. If you're not familiar with this stupidity (that Filipinos are so trying hard to imitate) then let me explain what Bloods is. Bloods is a gang that has a rival gang called the Crips (the Bloods and Crips are mostly composed of Black Americans by the way). The Bloods wear red bandannas on their faces while the Crips wears blue. They have nothing better to do aside from fighting with each other late at night (or early at dawn) throwing stones at each other and disturbing the community's peace.

My brother was even very proud to say that his "gang" is established world wide, which of course is true and another fact would be that these gangs are involved in murders, robberies, drug dealing, among many other criminal pursuits. And the stupid Filipinos (here and abroad) want to imitate these gangs as their idols thinking it's cool. No wonder I received this comment about Filipinos, and I have to say I am ashamed. I am ashamed that some Filipinos are stupid enough to join the Bloods and Crips. Instead of trying to establish their lives in the US or any other part of the world as respected immigrants they want to stand out in their community as juvenile delinquents!

I wouldn't care less if they want to ruin their lives but they had to drag my stupid brother into their none sense! Every day they come to our house looking for my idiot of a brother to join them in what ever gang activity they do (riots, drug usage, and other criminal acts as vandalizing) and who again has to cover for my stupid brother? My mom. What is my brother's problem that he really wants to ruin his life? But actually I don't give a damn if he dies in his gang riots because I'm sick and tired of trying to tell him that what he's going into is wrong. My mom tried her best and even thought of sending him away somewhere far from his stupid gang but my brother told my mom, "What do you care, it's my life!" You moron! As long as you're under the roof of our parents at least have some decency as not to drag our family down with you!

I give up. He's not my child so what do I care. Let my parents handle their son's mess, it's actually their fault for always giving in to his demands and other stupidity. The videos below kind of summarizes what my brother is in to right now. He and some other mislead Filipino youths are going to be great liabilities. The government should do something before anyone gets killed.

For your information: Crips use the symbol BK which means "Blood Killas" while the Bloods use the symbol CK as "Crips Killer"... stupidity I tell you, killing each other for very low reasons...

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