Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Being A Teacher Is Hard

Boy, I have said this before but I'll say it again, being a teacher is so freaking hard! I wanted to be a teacher before but now that I'm experiencing one role of a teacher I'm having second thoughts. Yup I did plan on becoming a clinical instructor (CI) some day but I'm having second thoughts right now.

No I do not have a part time as a teacher at some university (because I'm not qualified, Lol). I'm helping my mom with her checking of papers because she's a part-time professor at a local university teaching basic accounting. And checking accounting test papers is so tiring! I hve to check each entry one by one to check if they got the total correctly and that it didn't appear on it's own. I still have 3 days to check them and I guess I'll divide my work on those days to preserve my sanity.

I hate doing so many things at a time. I used to multi-task but I realized that it's best to focus on one activity so that you'll finish more than end up with many unfinished projects/activities. I have my blogging, my new domain to finish, my checking, and guess I have to eat in between too. Wished a day had longer hours so that I could get more finished.

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