Wednesday, April 30, 2008

On Wanting Green Eyes

I had always wanted to wear contact lenses because I want to change the color of my eyes. And what color do I want? Green! Yup some people may find this weird but I would love it if my eyes were green because I find it unique and interesting. And if you're wondering my eyes (as well as the ridiculous) here are just Photoshop edited, Lol!

I just want to share what happened that changed my mind about having contact lenses. I went with my mom to get her glasses that she had ordered and we had to wait because the glasses weren't done yet. I was looking around when I realized that I wanted to get some contacts. A sales girl was approaching me and asked me what I wanted. Normally I would get irritated with sales girls who keeps on hovering above me as if I'm going to steal something. But somehow this sales girl was quite nice and I was in a good mood so I asked her about contact lenses. The sales girl was very accommodating and showed me the different lenses and their solutions and stuff.

I was quite amazed that she knew a lot about contacts. Sure she may have worked there already for so long but she was able to point out different eye conditions where contacts were preferred than eye glasses. I was quite ashamed because I forgot all the things I have learned in anatomy & physiology like astigmatism, myopia, and stuff.

In the end, I decided that contacts for the sake of fashion is not worth it because:
  1. It's quite expensive, the cheapest pair comes at Php 2,000 or $48.
  2. Contact lenses are only good for a year and then you have to change it
  3. Wearing contacts only increases your chance of scratching the cornea of your eye and presenting an opportunity for infection
I since that visit I was really uplifted and became more interested in health... if only I was motivated a little more to have good study habits hehehe...

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