Tuesday, April 8, 2008

So What If Your House Is Bigger!

I was quite offended when a pineapple picker (that's her job) came to our house to check out the stuff that we're selling (garage sale) when she asked how come we have such a small house when my mom who had a high ranking position in Del Monte Philippines Inc. And she added, I'm just a Pineapple picker from the field and my house looks way better.

I was ready to be in battle mode and kill this ****! How dare she and she says that in our own home. Good thing my dad was there and threw our income statement to her face (figuratively of course) and showed her that we earn more than her freaking children who support her and that the only reason why we did not invest in the Philippines because my mom had planned to live in Canada a long time ago.

Why invest in a country that you would sooner leave right? The nerve of that woman trying to imply that she is well off and that we are cheap. 10 years from now I'm sure to come back her in the Philippines and I'll show her who's cheap!

But as my mom said, there's no need to prove anything. Awe, my mom is so kind and pro-peace. I hate it! hehehe. :) But that's right, so what if she's a pineapple picker who get to have a house larger than ours. That doesn't mean that we have to be ashamed. We're moving to Canada so what the hell do we care about our present home?

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