Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What I Will Miss In the Philippines

I have been reading Mrs. APB's post about her wishing to go home to the Philippines as one of wishes on her wish list and me being curious and all asked her how long she has been away from the Philippines and then she had created an entry that answered my question.

Well for me I will miss the fiestas of course and all those Filipino-made dishes like dinuguan, batikolon, anything ginataan, and all those deserts that I love eating but don't know their name hehehe. Oh if you're not Filipino, fiesta is a time where the whole barrio (town) celebrate the feast day of the town's venerated saint. In my neighborhood our saint is St. Lorenzo Ruiz and his feast day is on September 28.

The only fiesta that is most memorable to me (and the most recent one) was the fiesta at Patag, Cagayan de Oro City. I remember that day very well because after our duty at the hospital our friend and duty mate Melissa invited everyone to her house to celebrate their fiesta. Of course everyone had their game face on and party mode is switched on. We didn't even bother going home first to change our duty uniforms and headed straight to Melissa's house. It was still early and dinner time was still 2-3 hours away so we decided to take a nap. Yup sleeping is a leisure for nurses that's for sure. After napping we bonded with each other sharing stories and then we ate dinner watched a DVD then went home to study for tomorrow's big exam.

I'll miss my friends, my duty mates, my school, and those precious bonding moments that we have. I'll miss my life... because I know that life in Canada would be quite different. But we'll see.

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