Tuesday, April 8, 2008

LA Police Gear

A while ago Juliana was blogging about the blogging police and I suddenly thought how I would look like if I were wearing that full police gear. Woah I bet that I would really look cool if I were one of those dashing uniforms.

One police gear that I find very awesome is the BDU Pants! They look so comfy and very durable too! It's a must for police officers and other military personal that needs durable and comfortable BDU pants while they hunt down all those bad guys!

The website that I found, lapolicegear.com not only has a vast collection of different colors of BDU pants, they also sell other police gears like boots, vests, eye wear, flashlights, and any other equipment police officers would need.

If you're interested in police gears you might want to check lapolicegear.com.

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