Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Money Was Refunded

I am so happy when SponsoredReviews sent me an e-mail saying that they had already sent me my payment through PayPal. If you have read my other post, PayPal Dilemmas, you would remember that I lost $27.95 due to someone breaking into my account and changing my PayPal address so that they could steal from me my hard earned earnings...

But after all of that I was quite happy with SponsoredReviews that they were so professional about the matter and that they responded quickly to my complaint and they refunded me my hard earned money which was lost in the first place due to a breach in their system but all of that is behind me now and on wards with my blogging life. :)


  1. Hala,talaga?I hope this wouldn't happen to me.I have some problems with Smorty because they dont pay me what I earned,they've said due to some missing posts.

    Hahay bloggingggggg...

  2. really? Smorty didn't pay you? How evil of them. Hehehe. Honestly I'm not getting any opportunity with smorty stagnant na ang account ko with them hehehe.

  3. I'm having problems with Smorty. I keep getting the message in the dashboard that I have missing or deleted posts. It shows the URL beside them. When I click on this, it takes me directly to the posts. These posts haven't been deleted or altered. It doesn't make sense, but convienantly for Smorty it puts a hold on my money. I've emailed and hopefully it will be resolved soon.