Monday, April 28, 2008

Breast Augmentation

We can't deny this because the truth is, someone's appearance is important. We all are guilty of favoring or liking someone who looks better than someone who is ordinary looking. Even in job interviews, those who look smart are given more importance. The personality and intelligence comes second when we get to know the person more.

Even in relationships, we all want someone who has great personality but when we are given a choice who to get to know, Ms. Beautiful or Ms. Ugly, we would choose the beautiful first (this goes to women too). So how do we let people know us and appreciate us when they don't even notice us?

They say that beauty is based on culture. And our culture states that beauty is defined by a slender sexy waist & full rounded breasts. We see the women on TV right? They are the ones that our culture says are beautiful. And we all know that they wouldn't have achieved that beauty without the help of science & modern technology: plastic surgery.

Yup the Hollywood stars and famous models have all been under the knife and they look more beautiful than they were. So where do you go for a complete make-over? No other than Beverly Hills!

If you have a problematic waist line and are afraid of going to the beach then a tummy tuck in Beverly Hills the quick solution to your problems. And if you want a rounder and larger breasts then Beverly Hills breast augmentation is the way to do it.

Some people would say that natural beauty is better but women today are empowered to make their own decisions. Women have the right to do something so that they would feel better about themselves by looking better. Science empowers women to take control of their lives and change their appearances for the better with plastic surgery.


  1. Great article. Love the feminist empowerment spin. I think it really speaks to what an evolution women have had in how they take control of their lives both internally and externally.

  2. I believe that there are stunning people who have not had plastic surgery, who are petite in areas where others have increased their sizes. I do agree that beautiful women and men have better luck in most situations in life, but i dont think they need to rely on plastic surgery!

  3. Great article. The more i read it the more i like it. Women undergo Breast augmentation procedures for a number of reasons including small breasts measuring, loss of volume and sagging from pregnancy and breast feeding. Another common factor for women in Los Angeles for considering breast implants is uneven breasts.

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