Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Please Support David Archuleta

Please support David Archuleta and vote for him on American Idol. Why would you vote for him? Well his songs below would be very good reasons enough why he should be the Next American Idol 2008. Hahaha! I really am a fan. In fact I even joined archuletafans.com to prove that I'm a die-hard fan of David A. So if you have ODD (Obsessive David Disorder) please support him by buying his songs on iTunes and don't forget to vote for him! ^_^

Angels - David Archuleta (My favorite)

When You Believe- David Archuleta

Smoky Mountain Memories - David Archuleta

We Can Work It Out - David

You're The Voice - David Archuleta

Angels in the Alleyway - David Archuleta (I Love this song too)

And here's David Archuleta's performance at the Top 6! He sings Think of Me and I haveto say that he did an excellent job making the song his own and for creating a pop ballad song.

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  1. I'm supporting him as well. Thanks sa link! :)

    Happy Wednesday :)