Thursday, April 24, 2008

Still Loving Pokemon

I just watched Pokemon awhile ago and it brings so many memories to me. I have to admit that I'm a Pokemon Manic and I simply love Pokemon. I don't know what made Pokemon so lovable that I was so addicted to it. Yup I was addicted I watched the series, bought the DVD's, have a sticker collection of Pokemons, I even played the various Gameboy Advance Pokemon games from the very first Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow (Love this one), Green, Gold, Silver, Sapphire, Ruby and even Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Snap on a console that I forgot (I used an emulator hehehe bad me)!

I remember being so frustrated at my mom because she won't let me watch Pokemon because it was for kids I really cried (hey I was still in grade school at that time ok?). I was so hooked to Pokemon that I sleep at around 1 am and then wake up real early the following morning. And when my old laptop broke down my first reaction wasn't "My Mom is going to kill me!" rather I thought, "No! My Pokemons!". The story of the game is quite captivating and the characters are cute. But as the number of Pokemon increased (from 150 to 493!) and the way Pokemon evolved and had new pre-evolutions (Pikachu came from Pichu) it just made it all confusing and sadly I grew tired of Pokemon.

Hahaha! I'm such a Poke nerd but I'm proud of it. Even thought the gameplay gets to be repetitive and predictable I still get lost in the story and it would be great to travel the world with your best buddies (the Poke Pals, Lol).

Oh if you're asking my favorite Pokemon is Charmander and whenever I play Pokemon I make sure that my team are composed of Dragon Types like Charizard, Dragonite, Gyrados, Kingdra, Aerodactyl, and I like Onyx too (not a Dragon type but I like huge Pokemons). I don't like Pikachu hahaha! I also had a friend once who had a crush on Ash Ketchum! Like what? Hahaha! Hmm... memories just flow in.

One thing I don't quite understand with Pokemon is why do you have to collect and catch them all if they're your friends? So when you capture 6 pokemons the others you catch get sent to the PokeFarm and what do they do there? And why do Pokemons want to fight other Pokemons? And do trainers feed their Pokemon and let them out once in a while out of their Pokeballs? I have so many thoughts in mind but I then remembered that Pokemon is just fiction hehehe. ^_^

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