Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Losing Sight After Drinking Water

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As the very old cliche goes, "Too much of something is bad for you". And this includes substances that are supposed to be good for the health, but when these substances are abused then these become bad for the body; toxic even.

This article is really extraordinary. Imagine drinking 7 liters of water everyday, one would really bloat. Chronic water intoxication leads to hyponatremia as the sodium found in the blood is diluted. As sodium is diluted there is less pressure that retains the water in the blood vessel. If we recall, water will always follow sodium. But since there is no more sodium in the blood vessel then the water seeps into the interstitial tissues and outside the blood vessel.

It's ironic too that the woman drank water to lower her blood pressure not realizing that hypervolemia (an increase in body fluids) would lead to hypertension. And it is this hypertension plus the swelling of the brain cells from all the water lead to occipital bleeding that also lead to the woman being blind.

This is a classic example of a tragic story of health conscious people overdoing their so called health regimens that aren't approved by most health practitioners. Remember people that the recommended water intake per day is only 8-10 glasses per day and not 7 liters per day.

I got this e-mail from my mom. She always has interesting health related e-mails that she sends me.

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