Wednesday, April 16, 2008

David Archuleta - When You Believe

Ah! It's already Mariah Carey Week on American Idol and David Archuleta has once again pulled it off with a great song! He really picked a perfect and challenging song, When You Believe. And the judges would have to agree with me that David did a great job! Singing a girl's song is very hard, what made the song more challenging was that this song was not sang by any ordinary girls they were sang by two divas, Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston!

Wow is all that I could say! And David is always smiling and this is one great factor why America would vote for him as the American Idol 2008. What makes David a star are the following ingredients... [(smile + lips) x cute factor + amazing voice] = A Certified Star!

I can't wait for him to sell his album and tour the world! Go David! Oh man! I think that I may just have a serious case of ODD! Obsessive David Disorder! Hahaha!


  1. Natawa ako sa ODD! I love love love this guy. I'm buying his first album release lol! Good to know fan ka rin! :)

  2. mukha lang bakla haha..mukha lang naman..pero magaling talaga siya!

  3. he's really good at tingin ko siya mananalo. mula ng umalis si ramiele siya na boto ko hehe. magaling kumanta, bata pa at lalago pa boses nyan sisikat talaga yan

  4. To Ate Anah:

    We share pala good taste in music hehehe. Yup I'm a solid David Archuleta fan. And oh yeah the Obsessive David Disorder is not originally mine, learned that from hehehe.

  5. To sendzki:

    Ang pangit mo sendo! Hehehe. ^_^ Maganda na sana ang first statement mo dinagdagan mo pa nang follow-up comment na negative. You're just like Simon Cowell hehehe.