Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Extraneous Variables

I don't know why I hate her... no I don't hate her that's too harsh of a word. More like, I dislike her and I don't know why. I can't be fake but I can't stand it when I'm around her. Who am I talking about? No other than my brother's girlfriend. Actually I never did like my brother's girlfriends ever since I caught my brother alone with one of her friends in my parents room alone with the door locked. I don't think so that a genius is needed to guess what they were trying to do.

Sure this present girlfriend is better than her past girlfriend who was a liar, obsessed, and manipulative [censored]. Imagine she had the nerve to talk back to my mom (well just through SMS really) but if ever she talked back to my mom and I was there I would wring her neck!

Sure the present girlfriend somehow helped my brother get through high school and has become my brother's new bodyguard/slave I still don't like her and I don't know why.

There were two occasions that was supposed to be only a family affair when she was around and I was pissed off. My mom invited her of course but I'd rather be not included in activities that she is included like the outing to Obrero and my mom's birthday dinner.

I don't know why but I don't really like any of my brother's friends and I don't know why... is it because I'm anti-social? Or is it because his friends are I are just in a completely different wavelength.

Maybe this is why there are people I can't relate to because of this "wavelength" thing...

I know people who are just like me so maybe this time I kind of respect them more since well, they're like me.


  1. i think that's just normal. I dont like my brother's ex girlfriend too.... i dont like my friends other friends too.... and like you, i dont know why....

  2. it's good to know that i'm still normal after all hehehe :)