Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Full Patient Confidentiality

We all have secrets and secrets were meant to be hidden so that no one else would find out. we want to hide our secrets because of our great fear that people will judge us and will make fun of us for something that we have done or have that we are ashamed of.

It is this attitude that makes health problems worst. Some patients will refuse medical treatment because they fear that their doctors will betray them and their privacy will be trespassed upon. That is why it is good that there is 1stonlinepharmacy.com that is one, if not the first, to offer an online telemedicine. Here patients can fully disclose their signs and symptoms as they really are without their privacy and confidentiality be invaded.

One would also be free of judgemental eyes if one orders Valtrex online because there wouldn't be any nosy pharmacist who would give you that look when you buy that Valtrex medicine. For those who don't know what medicine this is, this med is used to treat people with Genital Herpes.

If you are uncomfortable to see a doctor you may have a consult with a doctor online and the doctor could give you a Valtrex prescription.

Technology is therefore making health care more accessible to everyone and this is really great.

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