Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Signed Up for SocialSpark!

I have a lot of online profiles on the internet from several different socializing websites and I have to say that they're all the same and I get tired over them in just a week or so. I just pimp my profile so that it would look good and see who my friends in my e-mail address book are members and add them up to my friends list.

But I have signed up for one socializing website that is completely unique and very interesting indeed and truly deserving of the name SocialSpark!

That's right this new community is for bloggers, like me, who love to blog and love to meet other cool people in the process! And guess what? We also get paid for giving out our 100% truthful opinions for any products that we choose. We could also write about other blogs of fellow bloggers and in turn you could have your blog be reviewed. This way more traffic could be driven to your blog.

What's more interesting about SocialSpark is that your blog could be sponsored and you get paid per day! Being sponsored means that there is a note at the bottom part of your blog saying that this blog is sponsored. It's actually really cool and it feels good to let other people know that you are being sponsored for blogging.

I have already met up with some of my old blogging friends here at SocialSpark and we invite you to join in our exclusive community for bloggers who are very serious in expressing themselves and voicing out their opinions.

Sponsored by SocialSpark

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