Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Dream Tour of Italy

Who would ever think that I'm the kind of person who's dream is to tour the whole world! One place that I would surely go to is Italy! Italy is such a beautiful place with a rich culture and even more colorful history.

I would like to go there immediately right now and check in at a Hotel Venice and start my tour of the beautiful city. I'll make sure that I won't miss taking a boat ride through the Grand Canal.

After Venice I could then get a reservation at a Hotel Florence and enjoy the view and life there for a while and visit the museums, public gardens, and churches.

After Florence, where else would I go but Rome! While in Rome, I wonder if I'll just stay for good and rent a Rome Apartment as I'm sure that I'll instantly fall in love with the people and culture of Italy.

Woah! What a dream vacation that would be! But for people who are planning to go to Italy, why don't you visit and fulfill my dream vacation for me! Be sure to reserve your rooms now as finding any vacancy would be really difficult because of the great number of tourists.

Hmm, Italy wait for me!

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