Monday, April 14, 2008

The Cawayanon & Mangima Adventure

My friends (Nanette, Nikki & her sis RV, Ellen, Irene) and I went to a little field trip, a sort of despedida party for me. We (Nannete, Irene, & I) went to my house first for a movie marathon (we watched PS I Love You and some naughty movies later if you know what I mean). We then headed to Cawayanon for some golf and lunch. We wanted to go horse back riding but we had no time since we had to go to Mangima for a swim. We stayed again for the night, this time at Ellen's house where Nikki & her sis and Nanette (who went back to Cagayan de Oro after lunch) followed us. We then headed to Mangima again the following day and went home later in the afternoon. We really had fun! Wished Jera and more of my friends were with us.

I really love swimming. I was so sleepy and tired but when I jumped in the pool all my fatigue disappeared. And the food was great! Being with my friends was sure fun. This is one of my most memorable experiences with them.

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