Monday, April 14, 2008

Invincible -Christian Bautista

Song lyrics | Invincible lyrics

Christian Bautista (nope we're not related ^_^) is known as Asia's Pop Idol and by watching the movie you already know why. This is just one of the songs that I love that Christian sang.

I just love the message that the song brings. The song tells of a person that is weak in almost every way but what makes that person strong is his/her indomitable spirit. The person has the strength to always stand up every time he/she falls. That is what makes a person "Invincible", his strong will to never give up and continue to go on.

This is such an inspirational song and I just get into that reflective mood every time I hear this song. So to everyone, we are invincible! We just have to believe that we are and we will be.
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