Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Feeling Guilty

I felt really bad and sort of guilty by the way I treated my brother's girlfriend. In my post, Extraneous Variables, I expressed how I felt about her how I didn't like her and didn't know why. Verpo commented that he felt the same way and that he also didn't like the friends of his friends and he also didn't know why.

After looking at the picture taken last 2 nights ago of me, my mom, my brother and his girlfriend I noticed that they were all smiling. It was only me with a frown on my face. I would like to post the picture but the camera is with my brother right now. Anyway she looked so innocent and kind and I looked like the antagonist of a teledrama serye (television drama series) where she's the poor girl who was hated by someone.

Well I didn't do anything bad to her just completely ignore her and stay away whenever she's around (plus a gloomy face on) but other than that we never had verbal or even eye contact. I don't do eye contacts to a stranger.

But I don't know why I disliked her and now I'm guilty for disliking her. It's so confusing. It just proves that I am human after all with stupid emotions.

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