Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another New Car

One thing that still confuses me is that a lot of people are saying that the economy is getting bad and all but then here comes my cousin who just bought a new Ford Ranger after he was fed up with his old Mazda car. Here's a pic of his new baby:

Ain't it a beauty? I'm so jealous. Anyway I told him that he should better get a car insurance since you know how it is with robbers. The better looking the car the higher their motivation is to steal. In the US alone, cars get stolen every 26 seconds so one should really be safe than sorry and get a car insurance. I googled car insurance and a lot of companies showed up. You should really get auto insurance quotes so that you'll get an auto insurance that can guarantee your assurance and peace of mind that whenever there's anything that happens to your precious car, you are insured.

And if you're looking for auto insurance quotes within near your area you might want to check out They have free quotes for any vehicle anywhere in just 5 minutes. Cool huh? I'm sure that you'll find everything you need about car insurance there.
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