Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Being an Ultrasound Technician

For some while now I have been talking about choosing another career related to health & medicine aside from nursing. You see I really wish to pursue a career in nursing but I guess that I'm sort of having difficulties achieving that goal since I'm transferring to another university in another country and my credits in my Bachelor of Science might not be credited and I might go back to first year. I do have an Associate in Health Science Education so I'm thinking of starting fresh from there.

I have been browsing the net and I found the site medical-career-training.com and it had a complete list of medical careers like for example being an ultrasound technician. Ultrasound is a routine diagnostic procedure in the hospital so an ultrasound tech will have a lot of job in his hands. But an ultrasound tech's job description is very interesting. He will be able to make a scan of a woman's ovaries & uterus, her baby, to the organs in the abdomen, up to the brain.

What's even more attractive in an ultrasound tech career track is that you may only have to study for 2 years (there's also a 4 year course)! And your pay is very good too! How does a median income of $48,660 per year sound? You have a very nice paying career and a very interesting job too!

So why not check out more information about being an ultrasound tech or better yet find ultrasound schools near you and start your medical career now!

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