Tuesday, April 22, 2008

On Buying a Car

I was asked by my mom to do some errands for her one day, she has asked me to deposit some money to the bank. As usual the bank was filled with so many people and the priority number I got would take a few more hours until it was called. So I decided to read some of the bank brochures to fight my boredom.

The brochure that really caught my interest was about a car loan. I know that I still don't have any job at the moment but I really believe that I should really learn more about car loans so that I could find the car loan that is right for me, cheap monthly payments with little interest.

I've learned that there are many types of auto loans. There are loans for new cars, loans for used cars, and a loan to refinance a current car loan. But there are still so many things for me to know. Good thing that I'm still young and I have enough time to prepare for my dream car. I better start learning more about car loans then.

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