Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Breakfast in Bed in Paris

I was watching the Amazing Race a while ago and the last three competitors of the race were in Paris, France. I haven't been to Paris before (or Europe for that matter) but seeing Paris on TV was an amazing experience. Wonder how I would feel if I'd actually see the real Paris with both of my eyes. The buildings are incredibly beautiful and the atmosphere is very special indeed.

I plan to go visit Paris someday and the first thing that comes into my mind is where in the world would I stay in? Well I'm sure that that wouldn't be a big problem as Paris is a huge tourist attraction and therefore Paris hotels are quite abundant. In fact I've searched on the internet for hotels in Paris typing in "hotel Paris" and I sure did find a lot of hotel lists.

But I want to make my Paris experience more memorable and meaningful so I don't want to stay in those fancy hotels and just be one with the many tourist. I want to experience Paris by living like a Parisian. So I'd rather stay in a family-run Paris bed and breakfast. Not only will I get to be in the care of hospitable Paris hosts, I can get personal first hand tips for all the must-see places from people who actually have lived and experienced the wonder of Paris themselves! So I'll have a comfortable bed and an authentic French breakfast, how cool would that be!

So if you're interested in going to Paris and experience how life is in Paris check out and reserve your hotel now without any booking fees.

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