Friday, April 18, 2008

Brownies & The SMS Solution

My mom has a friend who sells these amazing brownies and I have to say that they are heavenly! The Brownie is generously sprinkled with these chocolate kisses and every bite is just so chocolaty. I gave some of my friends a piece and they were immediately hooked. They asked me where they could buy these brownies and I told them that my mom's friend had no store and her products are only sold by word through friends.

I was thinking that the world shouldn't be deprived of these brownies and I thought of ways to reach a lot of people about her products at a very affordable cost. what came into my mind was Cellit Mobile Marketing. With Cellit my mom's friend could reach a thousand or more people about her delicious brownies through people's cellphones. In this day of age almost everyone has a cellphone so text messaging is the way to reach your potential customers.

Cellit also has the amazing sister website House4Cell, a great way for real estate agents to send property information directly to the cellphone screens of their home buyers that are subscribed for them. Pictures can be sent and home buyers can just call, fax, or email the real estate agent for more details through the links provided.

Cellit Mobile Marketing is truly revolutionary and its services are centered on smaller clients like my mom's friend. I'm sure that Cellit will make her business boom and it wouldn't be long till she opens up her own store specializing in deserts and then she could use the services of CouponZap, where she could hand out free coupons to potential customers. And who wouldn't like free stuff right so using mobile marketing is an excellent way of advertising. It's effective, cheap, and it's loads of fun.

I can see it now, people talking of brownies after receiving an SMS about it. I should really talk to my mom's friend soon so that we could be partners. I'll be her advertising manager hahaha.

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