Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Have Been Hacked!

I can't talk about the details because an investigation is still undergoing. All that I can say is that I have been one of the victims whose account was hacked by some professional hackers in an attempt to intercept my payment through PayPal.

It was quite shocking but I'm glad that only $28 was stolen from me and not all of my money. I am quite glad that I took certain precautions when I set up my PayPal account and other accounts for that matter. I'm glad that only one account was hacked and they had no access to my other accounts.

So how do you protect your self from becoming a victim of being hacked? Here are my advice:
  1. I recommend that your password is not a word you can find in the dictionary, includes both capital and lower case letters, and contains at least one special character (1-9, !, *, _, etc.).
  2. Do not have the same password for every account.
  3. Refrain from joining unsafe websites or even entering one. Download McAfee SiteAdvisor to protect yourself from Phishing sites who tries to get your personal details.
  4. Always check your Account Details especially your PayPal information to ensure that your payment will go to you and not anyone else.
I really was down after losing my money but I'm now over it as the crooks only got away with that and not my total savings. Plus the site is willing to repay me for the money I lost. It was actually their shortcoming that their database was hacked and it was not my fault. But even if they won't pay me somehow I feel that the universe will compensate me for all the negative things that happens to me... that's karma and I love it! ^_^

Update: You can also checkout Julaina's (aka Mrs. Arm-Pit-Bull) on her post about PayPal Scams.

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