Sunday, April 20, 2008

PR 0?! What the?

The Cast Away Blogger

Ok my blog was never a PR 4 but it was a PR 1 and I'm so proud of that because I worked hard for that but all of the sudden my PR became 0 when it was a PR 1 last night. I am now wondering what I did to deserve such a drop in PR.

This is really so depressing... I don't want to live anymore! Hahaha that's a bit too much. The hell with PR! I blog because I want to and not for some rating (char). But still... ouch!

But honestly I don't think that I've done anything wrong. I even removed my Adbrite Ads since I thought that it made my Adsense earnings drop but ok enough with that.

On with my life... even if I have a PR 0 blog... huhuhu...


  1. added bro..thanks.., dont worry about the PR of sort, your too young and like ur blogsite, full of promise..your way up there.!.keep me posted :)

  2. thank you Josh. Your comment made me feel lighter. More power to you! ^_^