Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Manok Nanaman?!

To you guys who don't understand what "Manok Nanaman?!" means, it is a Tagalog phrase that states "What? Chicken Again?!".

Yup for the past few days all that I have been eating is chicken, chicken, chicken... From fried chicken, to Lechon Manok (Barbecued Chicken), to Chicken Inasal (a special Filipino Barbecued Chickendish made), and all the chickens in the world that you could think of.

As the saying goes, you are what you eat meaning... WAIT! I am not a chicken!!!

Anyway but there are some benefits in always eating chicken. It means that my doggie, Missy Pooh, would get to eat her favorite dish: chicken! I don't know why that dog goes loco over chicken. She doesn't eat anything else. She has a few food items that she likes and these are soup bones, chorizo (don't know the English equivalent for that one), and of course her favorite chicken.
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